Behold The Schwinntimidator

You can’t stop the Cycle of Violence

Lowering the bar

lowerthebarclosing time people
last round
you don’t have a home to go to
but you can’t stay here

Smashing Job

the sun is always shining
the weather is great
we are here to help you
with your windshield out
and your Massachusetts plates
in the golden state
in the golden state


most of the graphittigraphitti
in this shitty city
is by the municipality
about electricity


We dropped by Jane Austin’s house after taking tea in the garden where she apparently took her tea.

Pulteney Bridge is very cool, it is like a mini London Bridge from olden times – there are shops built into both sides of it. We had lunch in the middle there and a steak inside down below by the river.

Below Pulteney Bridge is where the river Avon gets weir’d.

Two days to vacation

Going to Bath to see some baths and some type of Henge that is very popular with the kids these days.
In the mean time I go to meetings.
Here are some notes from the last meeting I attended.


We stumbled across this building whilst out browsing charity shops and I took a photo. It turns out this photo is worth a million quid.

Wandering around Dublin at night

The sun is still up? Ok not ‘night’ technically. Sunset is at 22:30.

Check out this gargoyle guy here, why is he making this face?

Ah, he is probably mistaken about what is going on over here. I assure you the sinage is 100% accurate.

Battlements on a church? You bet.

What is mashed into your city’s cobblestone streets? London has loads and loads of chewing gum. Dublin has lots and lots of bottle caps!

This building was a bank in the Victorian Era. Now it is a pub. The loos are in the vault. I didn’t get a photo, but I should have.
We almost have the whole set now~
Full English: Fried Egg, Baked Beans, Bangers, Bacon THATS HAM , Roasted Half Tomato, Grilled Mushrooms, Hash Brown and Black Pudding.
Full Scottish: Fried Egg, Baked Beans, Bangers, Bacon ITS HAM DAMNIT, Roasted Half Tomato, Grilled Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Black Pudding and Haggis.
Full Irish: Fried Egg, Baked Beans, Bangers, Fine Its Bacon Whatever Shut Up Already, Roasted Half Tomato, Grilled Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Black Pudding and White Pudding. Yep, for reals. Look it up. Better yet, don’t look it up.
Full Welsh: ?!?!?! (probably thistle bulbs and dragonling spoor? With cheese?)
Anyway it was a beautiful place to go and have a very decent serving of Eggs Benedict.
Ok so about the balogne sandwiches. We’re wandering around Dublin for the express purpose of just wandering around Dublin. We see a nice outside table at a pub becoming available and grab it. I go in to the pub to buy pints. While I am waiting I spot this little mini frige full of what appears to be just stacks of plain white bread balongne sandwiches (presumably with mayo). I’m all like, whats the deal with this. Turns out they are available for purchase at the bar of course. While I am standing there a guy asks for one, the bartender reaches in here and he’s all like not this one… this one. These are the only bona fide Not For Tourists artifacts in Temple Bar.
Thats all I have for now.
Tune in next week when I am on vacation for 10 more days!

Dublin skyline

I have a sweet time lapse from this vantage showing these clouds rolling over Ireland like waves but I was unable to get it working here. Email me if you want a copy.
This is taken from the ‘gravity bar’ at the top of the Guiness Storehouse.

Went to Dublin but hang on

Will post more about that as soon as I work out how to import my photos.
In the mean time I heard The Rock will be starring in a remake of Big Trouble in Little China. Why? Why not. No wait, here’s why not: